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Building Bridges Between the Point of Origin to the Point of Demand

We bring ease and comfort to the industry of logistics. Several of our branches work together to provide a wide variety of supply. This, when fused with our efficiency in communication and technology, brings advanced service and reliability to you and your needs. All of our products are insured to be quality checked and certified, providing you with exactly what order.

Why Choose Us?

We provide shipping exclusively from Turkey, which is optimal for our customers as not only do we have direct contact over production but can also ensure ethical labor and sustainable business practices.


Product Search

Product SearchWhen connecting our community with products.

It's of our standard to not only provide the best version of that product, but also at a reliable price. We firmly perceive that with quality, there also comes a fair price. When connecting you with your desired merchandise, your quote will be provided immediately and at the lowest price possible.

Product Specification

Product SpecificationProduct specifications source from none other than our customers themselves.

Every detail that you look for in a product, we will work hard to surpass your expectations. Product specifications can be communicated within our quote process.

Product Sample

Product SampleWe wouldn’t buy anything without a sample.

We don’t expect our customers to do that either. Upon detailed discussion with both manufacturer and customer, and specifications are thoroughly inspected from both parties, our company will work towards providing you with a sample of that specific product. It is only once you receive that sample and given enough time to review the product in which we move forward with the entire production.

Manufacturer Visit/Assessment

Manufacturer Visit/AssessmentFollowing customer sample review and the agreement to move forward.

Our company shifts its focus to the manufacturer. Our company is to make several visits to the site of production, being either the plant or factory, and undergo a full analysis on methods of production, fulfillment of customer specifications, along with shipping and handling. Once we complete our analysis, we will report to both our own supervisors and the customer as well.

Quality Assurance Contract

Quality Assurance ContractTo provide our customers have their own sense of insurance with every order.

We issue a mutually signed “Quality Assurance” Contract. This document not only indicates all quality expectations, but also the agreement and terms of responsibility of both parties.

Shipment and Delivery Time

ShipmentWith every order comes a variety of shipment methods and delivery times.

Each customer will be communicated of their options. Once the decisions have been confirmed, the company will work to ensure everything is conducted in a timely manner. In addition, we have built strong relationships with our freight companies to ensure adequate shipment handling.

Proforma Invoice

Final ControlUpon completion of each order.

All products are thoroughly inspected by our company prior to being released for shipment. Only if the item meets all expectations will it be sent to our customers.

Final Control

Modern WarehouseAll items shipped from ports and intended entry into the U.S. will be taken to our warehouse in New Jersey, working the same vice versa.

Our Warehouse is 25000 square feet with climate-controlled settings, ensuring optimal storage of all merchandise. Our loading dock also provides for efficient loading/unloading.

Final Control

DeliveryIt is the company policy to provide efficient and effective final delivery in a good manner.

Once the delivery time is scheduled with customer, the delivery part will be performing smooth, quick and prompt operation by means of keeping customer satisfied.