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When making orders directly from factories in Turkey, can we print you incorporate your own logo on products and packaging?    Read More
The orders being manufactured in Turkey are open to broad design options and customizations, that is great reason as to why we base in Turkey. Our warehouses are open to wide discretion.
When we want to buy from the factory that is producing World-famous brands, the factory cannot keep the same quality for our goods. Why?    Read More
We can assure our customers that the factories we choose to partner with are bound in writing to upkeep with quality regardless of the who or what company is buying. Our Turkish warehouses are built with modern technology and a fresh outlook on product standards. We only work with the best.
Can small amount of goods be bought from Turkey?    Read More
One of the many perks of working with Turkish companies is that there is no discrimination on the basis of size of order. As long the discussion on partial shipments is made clearly and a proper arrangement is made, we don’t see any issue with an order “too small”.
Can we communicate with the Turkish factories by using English language?    Read More
One of the main reasons we directly interact with customers, and handle all customer-service related issues, is to prevent our consumers from having to deal with the issue of not being able to communicate about their orders efficiently. We have people on our team speaking a wide-range of languages and will make sure every detail is communicated with transparency. If it is ever an issue of the customer having to directly communicate with the factory itself, which is extremely rare, there is an English speaker based in all of our factory departments and warehouses.
What are the advantages of doing all our imports through a single company?    Read More
By working with us, a single and unified company, customers will not have to face the difficulties of language-based miscommunication and multiple currency transfers. Additionally, if ever the case that there is an issue with a product and/or transportation of an order, you would only have to report it us directly- as opposed to getting in touch with several small manufacturers and warehouses.